Drop-in Classes


18.00-19.30, led Ashtanga Yoga (half primary): The Sobell Leisure Centre, Finsbury Park/Holloway Rd. 


10.30-11.30: From Chair to floor Yoga: Sotheby Mews Day Centre, Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park.

12.30-1.30: Chair-based free movement and yoga : Brickworks Community Centre, 42 Crouch Hill, Finsbury Park, London N4 4BY


7.30-8.45am Ashtanga Yoga (half primary):  The Sobell Leisure Centre, Finsbury Park/Holloway Rd.

11.45-12.30, Chair-based Exercise/Yoga: Sotheby Mews Day Centre, Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park.


11.15-12am, Chair-based Exercise/Yoga: St Lukes Community Centre, Old Street.

1-2pm, Chair-based Exercise/Yoga: Saint John's Way Medical Centre, Archway.

18.15-19.30pm, Assisted Self Practice: The Healthworks, Walthamstow


9.30-10.30: Assisted Self Practice: The Healthworks, Walthamstow

10.30-12: Assisted Self Practice: The Healthworks, Walthamstow

Laura Graham Dullhaert set these classes up 8 years ago. I have been alternately teaching the Saturday classes for the past year and have recently taken the sessions on full time. Group classes are limited to 6 people a class. Please contact The Healthworks directly to book your place. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


11-12.25am, Ashtanga (half primary) : The Sobell

1.30-2.30, Gentle Hatha Yoga: St Lukes Community Centre, Old Street.

17.00-18.15 Hatha Yoga: The Sobell


The Classes I Teach

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

I believe strongly in the structure of this dynamic practise as a means to focus a busy and anxious mind. I am keen to modify poses to suit individual needs whilst maintaining the rhythm of the practise; every movement works in coordination with an inhale or an exhale. I encourage students to embrace their natural strengths (both internal and external), and to work safely while exploring their limitations, rather than fighting against what may not come naturally at first.

Hatha Yoga

These classes aim to explore and combine the concerns, questions and experiences of my self- practise, and also to work through any concerns that students may bring forward to the group. This is a fairly slow-paced class with a different weekly focus involving props (studio equipment) where appropriate. Yoga blocks, bricks and belts can make a pose held for a longer amount of time more comfortable to breathe into. They can also add foundation, and give extra support to the body if injured or unbalanced. Props are also helpful in isolating different muscles and sensations that I want the student to feel according to the class theme.

Community (chair-based) Classes

I teach a range of classes aimed at introducing yoga to students who otherwise may not have had the opportunity. These include combined chair-based exercise and simplified yoga classes in community day centres and a health and well-being class at a rehabilitation organisation for men at risk. There are no specific postures that I teach, but I aim to keep the groups motivational and upbeat using the postures/asana to improve physical confidence, and also to introduce students to yoga relaxation and breathing techniques that ease stress and anxiety, and promote calm.

Private Classes

The one-to-one classes that I teach are tailored to respond to each individual’s needs, and can therefore vary greatly from person to person. I like to look at body patterning with the help of the postures/asanas, and aim to make the yoga relevant to the student by tailoring the exercises to their everyday life. I also like to teach restorative yoga on a one-to one basis. This is where three to five postures are held for up to 20 minutes, subtly adapted with blankets and bean bags to give the student ultimate comfort to relax. I have had particularly positive results using this technique with Parkinson’s disease sufferers.


One-to-one sessions can be arranged either at home, at students’ places of work, or wherever else is most convenient. I also teach private group classes, and again, am happy to do so wherever suits the students best